Brian Vass
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Brian Vass
Academic Coaching for Middle School Math Students
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A Brain Mind Math Academy Program

Helps Your Child Learn Math Faster and Easier


Without Brain Mind Learning

Your Child is Stuck in a Negative Cycle

  • Your child thinks they are ‘Math Stupid’ creating a deteriorating self image affecting their confidence.

  • You and your child are frustrated with math homework: it's time consuming and affecting family dynamics.

  • Your child has test anxiety. They don't understand the textbook. They don't know how to study or what to expect on the test.

With Brain Mind Learning

Transform Your Child’s Math Experience

  • Your child will be ‘Math Smart’ and math competent with a positive self image and regained confidence.

  • Your child will complete math homework efficiently with time to enjoy other activities.

  • Your child will see higher test scores because they will understand their textbook and how to study.


Trusted by parents.

Anne began working with Brian in Grade 5. After receiving Brain Mind Math Academy Online Coaching, Anne was able to become an honours math student, complete the high school math credits she needed, become student of the year in Grade 12 and go to university in the program of her choice.


Start a transformation for your child today


Our Vision

At Brain Mind Math Academy we know that math can be learned faster and easier and that every kid deserves to feel smart and feel good about their ability to do math.


Start a math transformation for your child today.