The Basic 'Math Problem'

Many students in middle school are experiencing:

  • Troubles With the Teacher

    Teachers in Middle School are often not Math experts or Learning experts and this can dramatically affect your child's classroom experience. They will manifest this inability to connect with their teacher in different ways like zoning out in class, becoming disruptive, wanting to skip class, or saying they understand the teacher in class but once at home are unable to do their homework or to study for the test because nothing makes sense. Your child not only needs clear instruction, but also instruction on how to access their natural learning abilities, so that they can be competent in Math.

  • Troubles With the Textbook

    There has been much news about the Math problem in Canada. Anna Stokke, a math professor at the University of Winnipeg wrote a report about the textbook indicating that it has too many agendas and methodologies. If your child finds the textbook confusing, they are not alone. Your child needs their Math materials redesigned to clearly present the skills they need to know and how to do them. One of the phrases we hear a lot from our students is, 'Is that all I have to know?'. Math is much less threatening and much easier to learn when they know what is essential and exactly what to focus on.

  • Troubles With the Test

    If your child is not getting a clear presentation from the teacher and the textbook, and are not given strategies to retain the information and assess themselves, then passing the test is not going to happen. A poor mark on tests leaves your child feeling like they do not have math ability or that they are "math stupid". The cycle repeats itself - and each day results in a deeper belief that they are no good at Math, so why should they try. What begins to be demonstrated is reluctance towards Math homework and studying, leading to frustration, test anxiety and eventually hating Math.

Your Kid Should Feel Good About Math

Middle School is the optimal time to learn how to learn.

Between the ages of eleven to fourteen, there is a limited window of opportunity that not enough students are taking advantage of. Their brain is transitioning into a new developmental stage of learning - the abstract stage and during this phase, neurons in the brain are firing faster than ever before or after. This means that math needs to be presented in a way that correlates with these changes - which is not happening for your kid if they are struggling with math.

A Complete Learning Experience

Each BMMA Video Program contains the following 5 parts for each Concept Group (Chapter).

  • Video Teaching - Instruction is based on the premise that your child is in a new developmental stage and has the ability to learn the required math concepts if presented clearly. All the concepts and skills of your child's math course are organized and taught in an easy to understand format with lots of examples so that your child will know exactly every skill they have to learn.

  • PDF Worksheet - Printable PDFs that correlate with the video teaching. This is your new redesigned textbook - designed according to the principles of learning outlined by Brain Mind Learning scientists.

  • Video Test Prep - Assess Yourself - Strategies that teach your child how to assess themselves skill by skill, how to retain the information and be ready for a test so that they can go into a testing environment with confidence rather than anxiety. Your child will learn how to be in more control of their learning - definitely something they want.

  • PDF Test - A printable comprehensive test that covers the concepts taught in the Concept Group/Chapter.

  • Video Answer Key for the Test - a full explanation of how to do the test questions coaching them through it with brain mind learning principles so that they can transform themselves into competent, confident Math learners.


Math, Learning, and Curriculum Expert

  • Brian Vass

    Math & Learning Coach

    Brian Vass

    Bachelors of Education, Masters of Distance Education. I enjoy teaching middle school students how to learn because I find their brains are still very elastic and open. I like teaching math because it's an opportunity to turn a bad situation into such a positive one. I have been teaching for over 30 years. Half of that time has been spent finding a way to make math easy for students in grades 6 – 9. This Video Math Program is a way for students to get in a learning groove that will make them feel as smart as they really are.

Tools to Transform Yourself

All Brain Mind Math Academy Video Programs Feature:

  • Unique Presentation

    Math is presented in this video program so that your child will know exactly what they are supposed to know and how they are supposed to do it . . their clear "job description" (something you get when you go to work). This is so that when they go into the classroom they will be able to understand what the teacher requires and when they go to write a test they will be prepared and confident that they will do well.

  • Western Canada Curriculum

    The courses cover the all the concepts and skills required in the curriculum for the Western and Northern Canadian Protocol, regardless which textbook your kid uses: MathLinks, Math Makes Sense, and Math Focus. The content of the curriculum has been redesigned into a simple format/structure incorporating strategic Brian Mind Learning Principles so that your child will be able to read and understand their textbook and retain the concepts for future use.

  • Brain Mind Learning Principles Built-In

    Cognitive scientists have outlined Learning Principles that enable a student to prepare for learning, process information easier and faster, and retain the information. These principles have not been fully incorporated into the teachings of many schools yet. However, they are incorporated throughout these courses. Your child will learn how to learn Math easier and faster.

Why should I choose a Brain Mind Math Academy Video Program over traditional tutoring?

  • Comfort, Convenience, and Privacy

    Unless you get a private tutor most tutoring agencies such as Kumon, Sylvan, Oxford Learning, and Mathnasium are done in a group setting in a classroom with tables and usually four chairs to each table. This may present an uncomfortable situation for your child and increase the overall threat level of math. The Brain Mind Math Academy online video programs allow your child to get expert instruction from the comfort of your home and provide the opportunity for you as a parent to also watch the videos and be instrumental in helping your child become a successful math learner.

  • Build Confidence Right Away

    The basic premise of most tutoring agencies is that an assessment is required to determine what level your child is working at. This can be quite demoralizing to your child if your child does poorly in that assessment and is told that they are several grades behind. The school and tutoring agencies believe that the problem lies with your child and their skill level. Our basic premise is that your child is smart (and you know that because they can do so many things so well) and that the problem lies with the instruction given at the middle school level. Much of the content and skills at the grade 7 and 8 level are repeated so that you do not have to worry about what has happened in the previous grade. The video program covers these foundational skills so that your child is working with content that is at their grade level. This is a great benefit because your child's self-esteem is crucial in making progress and becoming a successful math learner.

  • Costs Less!

    The cost of getting tutoring support can easily turn into thousands of dollars. For $497 you can not get this kind of information that is presented in this video program. The video program is a culmination of years of research and practice with proven results.

BMMA Video Program vs. Free Videos/IXL

There are many free videos with great content and teachings on the internet, but none provide the complete set of tools your child needs to become a successful math learner.

  • Completely correlates with the school curriculum - it can be difficult to find all the exact concepts that your child will be studying in their textbook.

  • Easy to follow structure - All the videos for your grade collected in one place.

  • All the concepts and skills are organized in a manner as though it was a "Math Story". The program has a narrative flow that connects previous ideas and skills to present ones helping students build a stronger understanding of the material they are working on.

  • Drill and practice is not enough. Students need to know how a math course works, and how to learn, or their problems will continue to compound as they move into high school.