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Brian Vass
Academic Coaching for Middle School Math Students

What is Brain Mind Math?

A way of learning math based on the latest cognitive science

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Hi, I’m Brian,

I created the Brain Mind Math Academy Programs because of my passion for creating bright futures for Grade 7 and 8 students who would otherwise be limited based on the failure of the system to teach them math.

I spent 17 years teaching adults returning to complete their grade 12. When I would inquire about their math experience almost always they would say they started having trouble around grade 7 or 8 and once in high school, they quit.

The learning system I’ve developed is intended to transform the student’s relationship to mathematics, while giving them all the tools they need to start finding success right away. The goal is for students to be able to finish their homework in 20 minutes, feel confident for their upcoming tests, and have a sense of complete control over their math learning.


Here’s how it’s done:


1) I show students how to read and interpret the textbook.

Textbooks can be confusing and frustrating for kids, who are often relying on this information to help them with their homework. However, students can learn to make the textbook an important resource--not only for learning new skills, but for understanding the overall plan of their math course, so they can always be one step ahead.

2) I teach students how to retain what they’ve learned.

Have you ever heard this question: “When am I ever going to use this stuff?” Kids don’t always see the point of studying math, or make use of math skills in their day-to-day life. Consequently, math skills, no matter how often they’re practiced, are often forgotten as quickly as they’re learned. Using my learning system, students are always shown how each skill they learn overlaps with the next, so each skill becomes an important key to unlocking the next section of the course.

3) I introduce students to the joy of empowered learning.

Students are prone to feeling threatened in learning environments where they do not feel confident. This causes them to shut down, and makes it impossible to access their full learning potential. By systemically reinforcing successes, and teaching students how to assess their own progress, I give students control of their learning back. As soon as students understand how capable they really are, and how easy their math course can be, math begins to feel like a game. Learning feels like winning.


Is Brain Mind Learning right for my child? 

Brain Mind learning is right for you if:

  • You believe strongly in your child’s ability to do middle school math and are looking for a way to unlock their learning potential.

  • Your child is passionate about subjects outside of math, perhaps even outside of school altogether, and is willing to follow their dreams.

  • You believe the education system is not adequately addressing your child’s unique needs.

  • You recognize the enormous opportunity in your child’s difficulty with math, which could allow them to come out the other side as confident learners, completely comfortable in a learning environment.

  • You want your child to work with someone who understands their ability and will work toward transforming their math grades as a means of transforming their whole experience of being in school.


Start a math transformation for your child today.