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Grade 8 Math Summer Programs



Session 1: Monday - Friday, July 8 - 26, 9am - 11am

Session 2: Monday - Friday, July 15 - August 8, 1PM - 3PM

session 3: monday - friday, july 29 - august 16, 9am - 11am

Session 4: monday - friday, august 12 - 30, 4:30PM - 6:30PM


Live Online (Link will be given by email when registered)

All sessions will be recorded.



Price includes a printed copy of the redesigned math text book mailed to you at no extra charge


Upgrade your Grade 8 Math from the comfort of your own home. This summer program is a live online classroom with a limit of 6 students. 

In this innovative program you will be shown how to redesign your Math course so that you can pull out only the essential concepts and skills and know how to retain what you learned. You will be introduced to Brain Mind Learning Principles (the new cognitive science) so that you can learn easier and faster.  You will be given Assessment Strategies so that you can become a more self-directed, independent learner.

The program will not only review Math 8 skills but give you an in-depth introduction to your Grade 9 Math to put you ahead of the curve.

You won’t want to miss this transformation before you start High School.


Start the Year at the Top of Your Class


A complete re-teaching of the last year’s content and an overview of Grade 9

The Grade 8 Summer Program covers the all the concepts and skills required in the curriculum for the Western and Northern Canadian Protocol, regardless which textbook your kid uses: MathLinks, Math Makes Sense, and Math Focus.

The content of the curriculum has been redesigned into a simple format/structure incorporating strategic Brain Mind Learning Principles so that your child will know exactly what they are supposed to know and how they are supposed to do it. 

When your child goes to back to class this fall, they will be prepared and confident that they will do well.


Online Interactive Classroom

All classes will be LIVE and ONLINE.  No driving your child to a center.  Just be ready at your computer for the scheduled classes and Brian will be your guide. It’s like a normal classroom; except it is online.  There will be opportunity for your child to talk to the teacher and answer questions or ask questions.   

And ALL classes will be RECORDED; so, we’ve got you covered.  You, as a parent, can watch with your child or at your convenience.  Your child can re-listen to sections they need to reinforce learning or if they need to miss a class, they can catch it at their convenience.


What Will You Need?

  • A reliable computer and internet connection.

  • A printer / scanner or phone. A test will be emailed at the end of the review of each Concept Group.  Your child will have to be able to print it, do the test, scan it or take a photo of it and send it back for correction and feedback.

  • A headset or earbuds with microphone would be an asset.

  • Paper, pencil, eraser, and calculator. They will be doing lots of Math. 

  • Your child’s best undivided attention.

  • An undistracted environment. Your child will be able to talk to the instructor / class at various times so there should be as little background noise as possible. 

  • Attention given to daily emails.


Topics Covered

Math 8

The Grade 8 Summer Math Program will cover the following content from Grade 8:


1. Integers

Operations with integers (adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing) including the order of operations and word problems.



2. Fractions

Operations with fractions including the order of operations and word problems.



3. Percents

understanding percent and connecting fractions, decimals, and percents.



4. Ratios, Rates, and Proportions

solving problems involving ratios, rates and proportions.



5. Equations

solving one-step and two-step equations and word problems.



6. Linear Relations

reading and drawing graphs of linear relations. 



7. The Pythagorean Theorem

understanding and using the Pythagorean Theorem.



8. Surface Area

drawing the nets of rectangular and triangular prisms and cylinders and determining their surface area.



9. Volume

determining the volume of rectangular and triangular prisms and cylinders.



10. Probability

drawing tree diagrams and tables to represent data and solving the probability of independent events.



11. Data Representation

comparing graphs for best representation of data and identifying ways in which data is being misrepresented. 



Topics Covered

Math 9

The Grade 8 Summer Math Program will cover the following content from Grade 9:


1. Rational Numbers

operations with natural and whole numbers, integers, decimals and fractions including the order of operations and word problems.



2. Powers and Exponents

simplifying expressions by using the laws of exponents including the order of operations and word problems.



3. Polynomials

naming polynomials and their degree, and adding subtracting, multiplying, and dividing polynomials.



4. Solving Linear Equations

solving one-step and two-or-more step equations including equations with parenthesis.



5. Linear Inequalities

representing inequalities and solving single-step and multi-step inequalities.



6. Linear Relations

representing patterns with an equation, interpreting graphs, and graphing linear relations.



7. Circle Geometry

determining measures of angles using angle properties, chord properties and tangent properties.



8. Surface Area

Determining the surface area of composite figures that include rectangular prisms, triangular prisms, and cylinders.



9. Scale Factors and Similarity

using scale factors in enlargements and reductions of figures, and determining missing lengths of similar triangles and polygons.



10. Symmetry and Transformation

working with lines of symmetry in 2-D, translations, reflections, and rotations.



11. Data Analysis

Understanding the difference between population and sample and when to use them, factors affecting collection of data, and probability. 


19.02.16 Photo Brian.jpeg

Instructor – Brian Vass

Math, Learning, and Curriculum Expert

Bachelors of Education / Masters of Distance Education

I enjoy teaching Grade 8 Math students and preparing them for High School. I have been teaching for over 30 years. Half of that time has been spent finding a way to make math easy for students in grades 6 – 9. This Live Online Math Program is a way for students to get clear information (redesigned textbook) and a clear presentation of the content that will prepare them not only for their final Math test in June or starting new classes in the fall; but will give them a way to learn Math easier and faster.


 Why should I choose this Brain Mind Math Academy Program? 

The Brain Mind Math Academy Grade 8 Summer Program allows your child to get expert instruction from the comfort of your home and provide the opportunity for you as a parent to also watch the videos and be instrumental in helping your child become a successful math learner.

The program covers all the foundational skills so that your child has a solid grasp of the previous year’s content and can start Grade 9 Math feeling secure and confident in their math and learning abilities. This is a great way to transition to the new learning environment of high school as our children's self-esteem is crucial to their success in school and life beyond academics.

For $897 your child will be able to access information and instruction in a live online classroom, based on years of research and practice with proven results.




Do you do one-on-one tutoring if my child needs extra help?

Yes, we have effectively coached/tutored students online since 2001 so we can accommodate you and your child for further support. 

All tutorials are done online using an interactive whiteboard and phone.   

Give us a call at 1-306-250-7176 to get started.



What if my child is not available for some of the classes because of prior commitments?

All classes will be recorded, and you will be given access to the recordings. 

Your child can view the classes they missed at their convenience. They can do the tests and submit them, and they will be marked and sent back with feedback.



What guarantee do I have that this will help my child?

We absolutely stand behind our program 100%.  If your child attends all the classes and does all the tests and you still do not feel it was helpful, we will provide a refund of $797 (a full refund minus the cost of the redesigned textbook).